Friday, May 23, 2008

Observations of paint # 7

Observations of paint # 7

Mariú Súarez, “Truth”, 72"x60", oil and egg-tempera on canvas, from the series The Beginning of a New Era

Veristic surrealism (vs the automatists )

Paranoiac Critical Method to

Oniric-Critical Method (Dali) to

the path of individuation (Jung)

The inside, the universe, the mind 
twin sun vision spread 
ripples in the great ocean 
universe o mental hyper links to space 
between the time of matter and chains 
icons watch from above the rooftops 
leaning on our brick wall 
the mob stands in line 
headless faded brown, into grey into bricks 
icons; fathers of knowledge, the objects of historys beacons 
are not watching the people
the flock to the slaughter house, already decapitated 
still walking automatons ; drone of clogs 
they are   watching the solar plexus; geometry , temples 
castles; architecture  of a city – scape ; landscape 
of potential creation
the nodes, television heads in suits and dresses 
with corporate cuts 
watch the roads, backs to the people,   backs to the solar
blind to the child bridge
crawling towards the rose   on a patch 
of life 
in a crack of grey stone roads 
only extended attention bi 
lateral intention 
through the core of vision 
focus on the child 
ripples in the great oh  see an 
omen obscured 
to grow into a movement 
ripples  in  stale structure 

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