Monday, May 5, 2008

Vacana of Between


from start to chain to end

i chased his tail and he chased mine

in the dojo of uncle code

who stained the owl cheery red

cherry marinated in cock

tails drunk that hollows out symbols

in the breeze by the pool in a penthouse

while gourmet chortling at

the live footage of bare fists

breaking a bulls horn,

killing it

only fists

looking at their fading hands

ornate vines

like venetian filigree

caught a running man

like a knot of twine spun

lifted from the ground in embrace

untangled in a heap a moment

of finding footing in new direction

a hesitation

dirty souls

shoes heavy

dirty lungs

mind heavy

he stares into the horizon

she points at the crooked tail

are they parallel?

horison sinks and deforms

parallel ? twin steps head for the edge

of perception

with a Question

of between

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