Sunday, May 4, 2008

I am not name

I am not

the names given

names taken



I am my names

you can not

say the name

of the idea that lies


I said the names

external & internal

life & dreams

death & change

you are not your


I am your name 


except in


when you become your name

once named 

you can be ism

all can be ism

all mob ism

i am ism

society takes us

by the hand

groin & spine

wrapping soma in blue

ribbons; techno coloured seams

and a red cross –


i am names

dancing down concrete slab

alleyways with perfect

4 x 3 windows (= 6 ά²)




is ά just an incomplete chain of eternity or an hour glass

pouring its sand into nothingness  ?      abyss

 does it have an Aeon‘s hands  collecting fragments

in time of being ground from stone tablets of thought?


in moments you become a name do you live in moments ? moments are sublime

like watching endless horizon from the highest peak

as gusts of uninhibited winds threaten to push you off the steep face of a mountain





Name = Ism

transient the brown leaf paints its face green


Inverted cripple

            surfaces in the ebb

ocean retracts as the moon

slips under the covers

of a sky in dawn

inverted sun

she is not  interested

in the beam - touch

of the black hole

inserted name

            leathery topography,  eroding,

            unchanging;                         hides a face

 picks up drift -

bones and river organs

building the hollow nest

of a stick castle

a structure of the moment

inserted ism

waves of the ride fingers the base

moon ; she embraces

                                                             tide returns

face sink                         body floats


                                                the ocean



 t            r            a            n            s            i            e            n            c           

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