Monday, May 5, 2008

maybe she’s born with it

maybe it’s make-believe


Oprah’s built a new school in africa

where the students get one visitor a month

forbidden contact with their family

 and friends outside the school

breeding african-americans in Africa


donate your money now

or we let the children die


Cock and bull


an 18th century gentleman

represents in a modern movie script

is the mock-reality-tv-behind-the-scenes-handy-cam thing

that has been popularised through shows like

arrested development, the office, the extras

and the sad ‘comeback’ with phoebe, what was her real name again ?

and of course mockumentaries by the brilliant group of people that made

… …., waiting for guffman, best in show, a mighty wind and …new… ,

the finest of our modern mock-reality or mock-novel satire

or is it possibly mock-media now

at least they mentioned the black page


but left out the plotlines and the literary treasures

like the blank fill in yourself page describing a lovely lady

or the squiggle representing a characters whip trajectory


cock and bull

watch out for the sentimental traveller behind it

Swift was a romantic weaver

holding on to the dream

of his indian princess

who is promised to another

oh dear Eliza

his ink would always love you

cock and bull

he spun post-modern satire

before there was a modern to be post



maybe she’s born with it

maybe he’s just a bit mentally

sick                         diseased



Dr. Phil seems to have a growing following

of little bald psycho-tv-preachers

guiding americans to fit into the mould

of average society

along with Tony Robbins

these people represent our preachers

in the stead of the church and priests

of A/CCC state

that is  an

atheist/christian capitalist conservative state


so with the DSM-IV under their arms

like a psychologists bible

and jars of pills in their suitcase

they herd you blindly on

like an ant in a white line 

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