Sunday, May 4, 2008

watching  Aljaezeera and listening to adbusters - live without dead time, which I stumbled on; labelled as Saul Williams and DJ Spook


Tiny Bird, a man in China .. has helped 60 000 people. helping migrant workers get back their money from rogue clients


a migrant workers employer owes him 6000 dollars, in confronting him the employer punched him in the face

and locked him up

the cops took him away and let the employer go


patiki eyes flower his cheeks

got a face of demand

choking on the cradle

got a need to demand

crawling on hands

dreaming that we stand

like strangers on the street

strangled but standing

with a face of demand

baby eyes flower his cheeks

got a fist of demands

like Tiny birds wings he saddles

a voice of demand

crawling in sand

like an hour glass trickling

into hour of change

third eyes flower his cheeks


hi I’m me I’m using this to sell you this

intercepts through every window, flahsing too quick

for the conscious 

absorbed in the subconscious 

distracting from the message

weaving into the map of thought

a ceremony of senses , alibi in a silent district

excusing             thought

executing             opinionated reflection 

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