Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Observations in paint # 5

Observations in paint # 5 
(Yacek Yerka , giclee, the walking lesson)

by the edge 
of the tree line 
where the cuckoo  Head
has spring-spine wired  to a hollowed nest 
the beast guards  worn 
hound bound and wound  to a regular hum 
the time  of  clocks
time  of  mechanics 
of  cogs 

cumulus clouds boil in shapes of dreams complexity  
landscape stretches out in sublime warmth of colours  endless horizon 
trying to distract the Be(a)st guardian to move again 

eyes covered in chrome  bells 
only needles  syringe to the sky 
taste is lost in the face  of  digits
numbers of an extended 
circle now end on 13 
guarding the incomplete 
dom of little 12's  built to be incomplete
never complete
automata hollow guards the wheels of machines
legs barely holding  his weight

stagnation at the edge of change
his face  a ticking code to change

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