Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vacana of Between ix

I’d             like                                    to run                        laugh

a             little                        reason                        to repair

what              have                         I done                         to deserve

vision         to see                           the riddle                        and her touch

where             the                         tenderness                        and torsion ride

and             life                         turns me                         always haunts

me              on                         where                         dynamic

walls             might                         shift                        fall

reach            ing                        out             the fake

O             why                         can’t                 you see that

the             costumes                        we wear                        are the symbols

we             carry                         history                         in the groove of

masks             O                        transient                        can you see

bind             my             chaos        in                       

thin      webs    o hm

I     would      like             to

st     ay              

         la      ugh



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