Tuesday, December 2, 2008

naa er jeg drit lei av draaper som formerer seg og spytter seg over beina istendenfor aa prate i et simmer sammen, s lik at vi kan spre oss uten aa ro

naa er jeg drit lei av draaper som formerer seg
og spytter seg over beina istendenfor aa prate
i et simmer sammen, s lik at vi kan spre oss
uten aa rooere bakken

it only takes one drop
of spillage
before it splatters out
each droplet growing
what was that you said? was that growing or blowing? yes
I think it was blowing like felatio; his name was Felatio
and he was one one who could read the Rorschach grapevine
no? no! I’m just shoving in some feathers here, where I can
gonna get a chicken
I like fried aircastles
they’re golden run down shacks
in the blue sky blocked by coiling grey clouds
it’s a reverberating chattering
bubbling as each creates
internal liquids
coloured with little facetted eyes
sometimes grows fingers
sometimes whole limbs that
out your onlooking glassballs
and take your legs out in an


you enjoyed that didn’t you?
I like explosions too sometimes
it’s in this space you find chaos
embracing globules that fat together
wiggling their tails , swimming with
a karmic purpose , not the eleventh purpose

eye of Horus in that calm cusp of a face
there’s an internal hysterical laughter
he is red in the sky blowing his own horn tower ; ashes give the richest soil
it’s a static distortion
dynamic that’s the Yaweh yaldabath oherum ahmen-ka-damehn
talking saying ymni omni oni on oh ho no ino inmo in my na
this is more like the purpose of 661 , where the 6 and 9 are inverted polars equally exclusive but dimensional to each other and 1 is the all and the none that is something ; being; 6 6
1 of horns. being of horns
2 karmic purpose of being with horns
3 purpose of horns
4 hooves matter is the horn to soil
5 never swim as they are the ocean

7 8 9
see hear speak

view absorb discuss
notice listen investigate
evade zone-out yatter

because you’re here it’s because you’re here
that I
have this purpose; fuelled by a sort
of survival instinct
this bloated pidgin virus of a mob
makes your horns straighten
whitened and bleached
polished by societies heel
sharp; want to slip into your
soft foundation and rip into your
crossbeams and supporting structures
until you crumble ; and no I
don’t really care if you fall on me
even though it will really hurt
my stones are coated in hardened crystals
grown from the chemicals
that the anatomist node gave to the alchemist node
from the whiteknucled moments caused
by spillage and the frothing
of mouths see hear speak
evade zoneout yatter

who made this fuckin mess on the floor
here as I walk through the clear path
that the exploding chaos opens up
…because I’m left here to clean it up now
fine … I’ll clean it up
that’s what you get
for spilling a drop
fine; ashes give the richest soil
but these aren’t really ashes; you don’t burn do you
liquid bloating spilling frothing body
you just bubble and make a resin
once I flare you, you are a black ooze
but even the blackest dirtiest gunk
can be dissected , ..distilled I mean, ; purified really
into a golden liquid
I have my horns I have my pen dipped in golden liquid spillage

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