Monday, March 29, 2010

Café du Firenze

marble is cheaper
than wood and sitting down
is more expensive than eating
we stand by the polished
stone bar
feet on the roof a Roman city
a sand filled city of a brutal past

(chorused cafe chatter)
there are voices that pushes the sand
through the glass-blown hole of our time
these voices push us long after they’re dead
instead of resting , instead of fading
they spend eternity having coffee in Firenze

outside detailed statues & polished stone
remnants of higher thoughts
in the streets
where they should be
an outdoor display
in public

nothing occurs contrary to nature
except the impossible, and that never occurs
we won’t ever believe in your fairytale
it’s a coverup, we know what you can’t see
we know what you wont show
Michelangelo and Da Vinci are busy, always busy
etching their names into the table
which is impressive in green mable
Da Vinci scratches his out
Michelangelo doesn’t finish his
he’s busy scowling at Raphael
& points out to Collodi how ridiculous Neptune
in his little fountain
Ammanati Ammanato, che bell marmo hair ovi natao
what a fine piece of marble you have ruined, Ammanati

(cafe chatter)
there are voices that pushes the sand
it’s surely harmful to make it heresy
to believe what is proven beyond doubt

Collodi has a long nose & wants everyone to watch
his marionette show
pinnochio dance
it’s a real little boy

(chorused cafe chatter)
you cannot teach man anything
you can only help him find it within himself
is the man a disease or is the disease a man
it’s a coverup and I can’t fake it in the end

Machiavelli shows no interest in the wooden boy
he tries to show Galileo how the outcome
holies the means
justifies the act
Galileoo sees a theory full of holes
flat as the one
that broke his back
the dictator is justified as
long as he is wise and just
Galileo spins a globe
your ideas of power is as flat
as an uncarved slab of marble
wisdom is relative to knowledge
how can you tell
if the
Just man is just
a Sophist
or Wise

(chorused female chatter)
I’ve never met a man so ignorant
that I could not learn anything from him
time is wasting in the end, doubt is the father
of invention; having coffee in firenze

Dante pulls Galileo away from Machiavelli
let’s not have a fight tonight
how about a poem for a telescope
or I’ll take a beer
lets talk of Goddess
Have you heard her name ? I named her Beatrice
Sofia ?
oh yes she could be Sofia or Aphrodite
the pool of Aphrodite
the lost pool
both pairs of eyes turn to the sky
the romantic the inquisitive
from different poles
the earth moves around the sun
& sometimes we find an eye in the storm