Sunday, July 12, 2009

Vacana ov Between XVIII

vacana of between XVIII

So here, I was not particularly thinking of the self as overrun by advertising (Made in Taiwan) or even a fluid or socially constructed entity. I was interested in how I could NOT think about the self except as a kind of evolutionary writing/text production (i.e. a subjectless process) linked to specific technological affordances and constraints, i.e. the self as, rather simply, part of an environment that is pull not push, to cite the Toyota Production System.

Tan Lin

quote ? quotation marks? source information? is this ok ?

right wrist broken
each line is a struggle
I had plucked feathers from the nomad
pheasant, female – brown and black, white tip
cut ; undipped
to calligraphy her eyes into the sky

I have to wait 28 days before I can write again

so Obama had stern words of love for Africa
welcomed as their president – with global feet
settled with a global name ; what follows
global law. I thought they called that colonies;
Iraq, Israel, Afhganistan, or will they be part of the union
as independent states
He stabbed her seventeen times,
all over the body, smiles as he talks of her
fix your face the smile is always there through it all
didn’t see the salt in his wounds and you know that you gave
that you took , that you crave
it’s what you wanted in the end was it NOT just a need
for the flame and the wake, rush on you feet, we know
everything, for the love that we gave, Sofist we’ll make
you follow what you want in our name, as we write
the steps for you to take. product of a written text,
entirety shapes the moving global soma

in symbols lies the add-infinitum history/cycles
of the Green Men we were
I was

sp I rit of Be tweihn (ai)

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