Monday, January 19, 2009

Listening to : Gojira – From mars to Sirius , Terra Incognita, The Way of All Flesh
reading/research: Gaza and Israel , Derrida, Biodiversity, Shinto Trinity, Borromean rings

structure of Home of global roots

This seems so familiar
So sure I knew this place
you can never return
Home; you can change
a new terravore scape

there is nothing wrong with
Hunting to eat
your meat the crown of feat
it’s the way. the way; the
way the same way you eat
or not wether you eat
their blissful sky until
your numb
you do

to entice them to stop
in your abstinence

wipe out
rape the

seed the

there is no
thing wrong with

our Home and the killer
in us is
not your enemy friend fiend

Home strong
is the wheel that churns spirit of the grain

hear the rise of my despair thank you for your
blood splatter on the joke of big bullys’ peace
take his price from mister Nobel
thank you for the gunpowder they made great bombs
Alfred what good did it do?
price daemons
here to destroy wipe
your future clean
they want to eat you r tears , drink you
r history promised by the Yaldabaoth yellabout
freedom for the Tyrant freedom for the Feet
Body of the moon is a statue Eyes of the sun obscured
with heavy makeup can’t even see the old lines
of Horus her slutty eye , model anorexic glint
holds you with a clitoral hypno embrace can’t resist the juice she burns with
legal pills and herbs riding on the first wave of science in experimental frothing
we do this to ourselves , the head-on rush at the brick wall dystopia
prophecy is made in the writing of our Dreams ; Mare of the night taints it
when the burn of the fire holds you in fear ; only left with the shadows
distorted and stretched interpretations of the dancers Howl to the shine of
Man on the satellite , nocturnal always blinded by the brilliance of
unmasked eyes
she still lives in there
she still stays in there
will we find the path to awake
deconstruct triple fire wheel unbreakable rings

eye(i) sore(soar) so(zoo) well I drink

dragging(dragon) this (tease) weight(wit) moan(mon)ster(stare)

still I stand and do(door) master(muster)

part ii

this rope is made of human hair
the well is made of human bones
cemented by our skin and nails
the rope is alive with fungus and worms , held in place by wax
burning off the frayed edges to keep it looking smooth, thinning
rope is tied
to the bucket that eats out of the well

teeth staple its wood together
as complexity reverses devolution fades the colour
in the face of being of flux of dreams
anaemic white weak
you expect me to abandon the well
the rustic notion ignorance of Arcadia
your Fiesta choked on the end of the rainbow
living in a mist returning to cross the river
thinking it was the same ever changing river

the well sits on a grassy knoll
overlooking the ocean
with an umbilical to underground lakes ;
puddles of creativity that pool into a global lake

we have the ability to be the most enlightened generation
of our known history
how can you see ?

I am pseudo partly-blind ; poor vision ; - 6.5
but my glasses and contacts work fine
ready access to a different vision ; spectre ; dimension of light,
broken ? , distorted ? , she changes more readily with the mind
in this flared out vision

the knoll is fenced in ; mirror maze borders ; with masquerade
killers living at each dead end; alleyways are their eyes ;
main streets are their glowing glassball ; reflection of a mask

the child of the slave to the master
owl to the bull
moloch to the goddess
molek to Sofia
golden donkey/elephant to the stone owl
in the Bohemian Grove

mule is growing restless in pyramids
searching the geometry ; genome bricks
of dimensional fertility
in the steppingstones of an unwritten past
roots filtered into culture through stolen symbols
the flux remains alive because of your numb minds
stole my heart and soul now you carry it on your back
to my children as they will break your back on the bridge
where the ugliest man grew into you and inverted cripple be
came your name as we soar leviathan ; flying whale over panels
magnetic subzero dynamos spiral twist spin past the ghost of time
who meditates silently on the pied mountain atop the owl; cow melted
into the donkey and elephant, in the lemon tree the snake hangs like an emerald
necklace around the hawks neck ; pecking eagle eyes ; eating eagle tongue

Home Strong
living roots are mine
to keep in the soil

global roots are ours

you can’t Tyranise
the home out of me you cant
bomb my home from me
global voice can’t have
this tyrant body
will bloat explode
from internal jabbing
fall yellaboutstones
diamond is written in our text
manifest dystopia unravelled
falling falling
it’s happening right now it’s happening to you

global roots are ours

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